John Moore (US)

John Moore (US)

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Former Starbucks Marketing Executive

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John was instrumental in Starbucks’ growth from a single premises in Seattle to a colossal global brand. He then headed marketing at Whole Foods Market. Given the value of word-of-mouth to any successful brand, John emphasises the need to use social media to engage fully with your customer base. The author of Tribal Knowledge demonstrates how big business can appear smaller, and how smaller firms can look bigger and thrive – even in a crowded marketplace.


John Moore is a true marketing expert. He is the marketing executive who oversaw Starbucks’ unprecedented growth from a single Seattle coffee shop to a global icon. Moore has helped transform the way businesses look at marketing and branding by identifying who the customer is, what they do, and how they connect their lives to a brand. John is a believer that passion and sense of purpose fuel successful brand messages.

Moving to the grocery retailer Whole Foods Market, a business which underwent a similar exponential growth to Starbucks, John continued to expound his ethos of moving away from traditional advertising and towards using the influential power of devoted customers as an advertising vehicle.

Moore now leads Brand Autopsy, a marketing firm which consults with businesses aspiring to become a beloved brand like Starbucks and Whole Foods. He also serves as a consultant for Chicago's Word of Mouth Marketing Association. He is the author of the business book
Tribal Knowledge which is a template for businesses wishing to emulate the Starbucks model.

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