Jessica Sansom (The Netherlands)

Jessica Sansom (The Netherlands)

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Former Head of Sustainability, Innocent Drinks

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Jessica is the former Head of Sustainability at Innocent drinks, She is now the Sustainability Director at Huel and is perfectly placed to inspire entrepreneurs and establish business audiences.


Jessica is the former Head of Sustainability at Innocent Drinks, where she was responsible for the company’s commitment to become a model of sustainable capitalism. With over twenty years’ experience working in sustainable food, Jessica is now the Head of Sustainability at Huel, the popular nutrient drink. She is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans and business models that have minimal environmental impact at the start-up.

Innocent’s work on sustainability has been recognised with a number of awards including The Guardian Sustainable Business Award, the ASDA Sustainable Brand Award, and the Business in the Community Big Tick Award.

She was previously Environment Manager for McDonald’s UK, and has also worked as an environmental consultant for a range of private and public sector clients in her home country, Australia.

During her time at McDonald’s, she led numerous projects for their UK, European and Global operations, including the initiation of their sustainable supply chain programme and environmental management programmes for the restaurants.

Now Sustainability Director for Huel, Jessica is working on their quest to offer a food solution for the future. She is developing their sustainable nutrition program, to provide food solutions that offer complete nutrition with minimal environmental impacts.

Jessica has been recognised for her leadership in sustainability in numerous publications including Ethical Corporation’s Ethical Leaders, and Forbes Magazine, and has been named Ethical Corporation’s Ethical Leaders of the year, alongside Barack Obama and Bill Gates. She has also been featured in Rebecca Harrell Tickell’s book, Hot Rich and Green, which highlights fifty successful women in green business.


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