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Managing Director, JFP Holdings

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After 20 years on Wall Street, Jack went to Beijing and built a huge automotive parts manufacturing business, with 17 factories. He has since founded a Chinese investment bank. In presentations Jack explains how to navigate China, deal with decentralisation and develop local talent.


Jack Perkowski is the former Chairman and CEO of ASIMCO Technologies, a leading player in China’s automotive components industry. He founded ASIMCO after spending three years investigating opportunities in the Far East. Well before others recognized the significant role that China would play in the global economy, Jack was on the ground doing business there.

Now head of JFP Holdings, a company that advises, supports and accesses capital for those seeking to invest in China, and for Chinese companies looking to go international, Jack continues to be involved in the workings of Chinese business. His own sometimes challenging journey to establish a foreign-invested company in China, specifically to serve the Chinese market, is detailed in his book, Managing the Dragon: How I’m Building a Billion Dollar Business in China.

After a career on Wall Street Jack left for China, a country in which he saw huge potential. He co-founded ASIMCO in Beijing and expanded it to seventeen factories and fifty two sales offices. Under his leadership, it developed local management and integrated a broad-based Chinese operation into the global economy whilst also being rated as one of the Ten Best Employers in China,

Jack shares his experience of working in China with businesses, particularly those thinking of extending their operations there. His investment background combined with his on-the-ground experience living and operating in China, give him a unique perspective on the country. In his presentation, Jack covers a wide range of topics such as decentralisation; China’s different cost perspective and how it creates two markets for any product; intellectual property concerns; and practical advice on how to start a business in the country.

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