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Tech Entrepreneur & Thought Leader

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After founding the concert ticketing website Songkick, Ian turned to advising and investing in startups, particular those working the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He addresses the issues confronting technology companies, politics and society and why it in is everyone’s interests to better understand the developments in AI that have the potential to change the world.


Ian Hogarth is a technology entrepreneur and thought leader who co-founded the ticketing website Songkick. He sold the business to global music company Warners, and became an investor and advisor focusing on startups working within AI and machine learning.

As co-author of the State of AI report, Ian summarised up-to-the-moment progress in AI research, policy and commercialisation, from DeepMind’s advice to government to Disney’s research into neural networks. He has also developed concepts around AI Nationalism, a look at how national priorities can affect what is likely to be the single most revolutionary technology in millennia. With the potential to change everyday life, politics, work, health and almost everything else, the direction AI takes is of fundamental importance to everyone. Furthermore, those that invest in and develop the conditions for the greatest advances in the field stand to gain a powerful advantage. They’ll also gain an essential influence over to what degree the technology is used for social, commercial or state advantage. Arguing that true artificial intelligence has the potential to affect the world even more profoundly than the use of oil, mass transportation or electricity, Ian examines key questions of ownership, society and technology that everyone should understand.

Before starting Songkick in the US, Ian lived in China whilst studying Mandarin. Prior to that he developed a system that applied machine learning to reading cancer biopsy images for his masters degree in engineering.

Songkick revolutionised how music fans heard about and bought tickets for live events, enabling users to easily see what’s coming up that might interest them. The service attracted 17 million music fans every month and was a disruptive force in the billion-dollar live events industry. In a high profile legal action Songkick took on the giant of US live ticketing, Ticketmaster, who eventually settled with a $130million pay-out. It was also a lesson in commerce, regulation and monopolies that would inform some of Ian’s thoughts on the future of AI.

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