Hans Blix (Sweden)

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Former Director General, IAEA

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As the United Nations looked on, Hans Blix led the search for WMD in Iraq. The ex-head of the Atomic Energy Agency then chaired a commission studying paths to clear the world of both nuclear, biological and chemical arms. He does not consider it utopian to envisage life without nuclear weapons - by 2050. Mutual interdependence could provide alternative non-military leverage, reducing the dependence on weapons of mass destruction as bargaining chips.


The former UN Chief Weapons Inspector chairs the International Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

After obtaining his PhD from Cambridge, Dr Blix served as a legal advisor to the Swedish government, rising to Minister for Foreign Affairs. He then became a regular member of Sweden’s delegation to the UN General Assembly, before taking over as Director General at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Most memorably, Blix was sent to Iraq by then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to determine the true scope of Saddam Hussein's weapons programme. While the US coalition pushed for military action, and opponents called for further inspections, Blix stood between the two. His task was never completed.

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