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Data-based Entrepreneur

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Clive was one of the principal architects of Tesco’s Clubcard, helping the retailer preserve profitability and improve retention just as consumers began to question brand loyalty and pursue the best bargains. He’s now on the board of an entertainment-based social media platform and a data analytics company that advises the arts sector on maximising ticketing potential. In presentations Clive explains how to use big data to understand and engage with customers.


Clive Humby is a leading marketing analyst, with a blue chip client list. A specialist in customer retention, he is the chief architect of Tesco’s Clubcard and segmentation programme.

Clive is co-author of Scoring Points: How Tesco is winning customer loyalty. The book details how the supermarket giant harnessed technology to reinvent itself and its relationship with customers. As well as dominating the grocery sector in Britain, it has become the world's largest online grocer and a global retailer selling everything from travel insurance to televisions.

Presentations describes how Tesco uses Clubcard to learn more about its customers. In a tough competitive climate in which consumers chase the best deals, Clive shows how loyalty really works and how segmentation allows you to target special offers at low cost - with maximum returns on investment.

Clive Humby is a Visiting Professor of Integrated Marketing at Chicago University, and Industrial Fellow at Kingston.

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