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Former CEO, Anglo American

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Once head of the world’s largest gold producer, Clem is now a renowned management strategist. He uses scenario planning as a principle business tool, adding subjective probabilities and flags to indicate scenarios coming into play. Clem shows that bad tactics can destroy good strategy, but no tactics will rescue bad strategy. It’s more about understanding what you do and don’t control, and knowing when to change direction to avert unintended and possibly dire consequences.


British born Clem Sunter is the former CEO of South African mining giant Anglo American Corporation. He is also an acclaimed authority on management strategy and planning, and on corporate social responsibility.

After a spell as a management trainee for Charter Consolidated, Clem moved to Zambia to work for Anglo American Corporation Central Africa. He then moved to their head offices in Johannesburg working primarily in the Gold and Uranium Division. Clem became chairman of the company at a time when they were the largest gold producer in the world.

Before his time in charge of the company one of Clem’s leading achievements was the establishment of a much envied scenario planning unit in London and South Africa. With data from this unit, Clem devised the much cited 'The World and South Africa in the 1990s' presentation. So influential was this work that Clem presented it to both FW de Klerk and his Cabinet, and Nelson Mandela whilst in prison.

Clem is also the author of over a dozen acclaimed business books, noted for their accessible language and insight. These books have covered areas including leadership, crisis management, planning and strategy. Clem also serves as Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman's Fund, which was recently rated as South Africa’s premier corporate social responsibility fund. He also works in seeking private sector support for the fight against HIV/Aids.

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