Benjamin Alexander (US)

Benjamin Alexander (US)

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First Jamaican Olympic Alpine Ski Racer

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Benjamin was Jamaica's first-ever Olympic Alpine ski racer. He started skiing just six years before his Olympic glory at age thirty-two. His story is one of never accepting no for an answer, and fighting against all odds, through the pandemic to secure his place in history.



Benjamin Alexander made history as Jamaica's first-ever Olympic Alpine ski racer. A complete underdog, his skiing career only started at the age of thirty-two just six years before his Olympic glory. Benjamin found skiing through his previous career when he was invited to perform at a heli-ski event and was mesmerised watching the skiers.

Benjamin spent the majority of the last decade on the road as an esteemed international DJ, resident for the quintessential Burning Man brand, Robot Heart. After retiring from nightlife his mind shifted to what challenge, motivate, and drive the next chapter of his life.

He went full force on a deep dive into the sport. His first lesson was just six pandemic riddled years before he competed in the Beijing Winter Olympics. It was his ability to pivot to find ways to continue training despite the global closure of ski resorts and borders that eventually helped him secure victory.

Benjamin is a champion for diversity, not only in his own achievements but in his continued work in supporting the next generation of athletes on their own mission to the Olympic games and extolling the virtues of winter sports far and wide, especially to those from diverse backgrounds.

His story has all the ups and downs of a Hollywood script and is an inspirational tale of determination, perseverance and remaining nimble to minimise the effects of adversity.

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