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Beau Lotto

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Neuroscience of Perception and Creativity

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Scientist, researcher and entrepreneur Beau examines how the human brain percieved the world, and why if differs so dramatically from the reality. He considers the implications of this difference and looks at the effects of our assumptions, our resistance to change, the power of doubt, and the connection between understanding perception and good leadership.


Beau Lotto is a scientist, researcher, writer and entrepreneur. He works at the intersection of neuroscience, behavioural science and how we see the world. He considers how the search for certainty affects our view of the world and of others, and why it limits our capacity to lead, innovate and adapt.

Covering technology, change, and human perception, Beau’s work challenges audiences to fundamentally question their assumptions about how the world works and how people react. He suggests that in a rapidly changing world, the only barrier to changing with it is in our heads. And that many problems, personal and professional, are down to our reluctance to accept change for what it is. He considers the power of doubt, the vital connection between understanding perception and good leadership, and how to connect to customers in an ever-changing environment.

Beau is the author of Deviate – The Science of Seeing Differently, which draws on over 20 years of research into how the brain has evolved, and why it doesn’t accurately perceive the world. Whilst his previous book, Why We See What We Do, examines more specifically the difference between the physical world and the way the human visual system interprets it.

Originally from Seattle, Beau was educated at Berkeley, University Medical School, Edinburgh, and Duke University. He spent 20 years as a professor at University College London before moving to the University of London, whilst also serving as a visiting scholar at New York University.

Alongside his academic and research roles Beau has established two businesses based on his work. The Lab of Misfits is a creative studio that applies neuroscience and neuropercpetion research to the world of design. And Ripple Inc works in the field of augmented reality, developing cutting edge immersive content for clients.

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