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Armed with a battery of effects pedals, Rob homes in on the silliest lyrics ever written and songs you really shouldn’t listen to at certain moments in life. The Independent describe his superb musicianship and physical comedy as ‘nothing less than a joy.’ He has hosted 99 Things To Do Before You Die, toured with Emo Philips and set an impressive record by answering every question correctly on The Weakest Link.


Rob Deering is an award winning comedian who uniquely combines an easy manner, sharp wit, physical comedy, broad trivia knowledge and virtuoso musicianship.

A live-circuit and Edinburgh Fringe favourite, Rob's infectious enthusiasm and warm, upbeat delivery has won over audiences around the world. Shunning the more considered material of some of his contemporaries, Rob is first and foremost an entertainer with charm and charisma to spare.

Combining jokes, a cheeky grin and some impressive guitar and singing skills, Rob wins over audiences of any background. Using a battery of effects pedals, he creates whole songs live on stage to help him look at how ludicrous rock music can be, the worst lyrics ever written, and wildly inappropriate songs to accompany certain moments in life. He also points out how many performers sing with bread in their mouths and the similarity of songs previously considered worlds apart - such as Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Abba's Dancing Queen.

A quiz addict, Rob also hosts his own music quiz - Beat This. In what has become a comedy festival institution, Rob combines his comedy and hosting skills with his musicianship to play a huge range of songs from the 80s to the present day to test contestants’ knowledge. As if that wasn’t enough, he also hosts his own film quiz, Film This, based on Trivial Pursuits featuring slices of real cake.

Omitting his appearance as a youthful contestant on Channel 4's quiz 15 to 1, Rob first appeared on TV falling over in the background of vox pops on RI:SE. Since then he's also appeared on Jason Manford's Comedy Rocks, Movie Mistakes Uncovered, Totally Top Trumps, and he hosted 99 Things to Do Before You Die on Channel 5. He set a record when appearing on the comedians edition of The Weakest Link by answering every question correctly and won Celebrity Mastermind. He’s also supported American comic legend Emo Phillips.

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