Posted on 28.04.24 by Jethro Fox

Conference Facilitators for 2024

Finding the right facilitator for your conference can make all the difference. The best conference facilitators really do their research, get to grips with your industry, ask the right questions, ensure your… Read More

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Posted on 06.12.21 by Jethro Fox

Political Forecasters for 2022

As the new year approaches, the climate at Westminster is becoming increasingly unpredictable. The newspapers are awash with countless stories about second jobs, misused donations, fast-tracked contracts, policy u-turns, advisors briefing against… Read More

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Posted on 15.12.20 by Jethro Fox

White House Insiders

While the outcome of any US election has profound implications for the rest of the world, the impact of President-elect Biden’s victory over Donald Trump promises to be seismic. Keynote speakers and… Read More

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