Dr Simon Moores

Dr Simon Moores

Technology Advisor


Simon was a UK 'Technology Ambassador' under Tony Blair. He co-authored the Digital Plan for Britain and advises public and private sectors on eGovernment, electronic crime and information risk. His remit includes ‘hactivism’ and the ever more sophisticated attacks on business. As well as security issues, Simon considers the challenges of Big Data analytics, the fast evolving subject of Artificial Intelligence and how to tackle a rising volume and spectrum of sources, from RFID chips to social media. He looks at the many opportunities, risks and regulation around disruptive technology.


Simon Moores is the MD of Zentelligence (Research) Ltd, and Vice President of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum. He is also Programme Director and Chair of the International eCrime Congress and a leading technology and security futurist. He focuses on disruptive technologies, Big Data and digital risk.

A former government technology ambassador, Simon is the co-author of the Conservative Party’s Digital Plan for Britain, and is a director of the open market policy think tank, Aediles. He advises government, business and media on the evolution, development and application of eGovernment, internet-related technologies and their impact. He is also an expert on the trends and technology of politics, social media, cybercrime and information security, online government, and aviation.

Simon specialises in information security risk, but his breadth of knowledge goes much further. He talks on the infrastructure side of technology, the ethical challenges of the new attention economy and the evolution of AI. He also covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of acquiring, sorting and storing ever-increasing amounts of data. Taking a look at converging and accelerating technology trends, he offers advice to companies struggling to deal with them.

The author of March of the Spiders now works closely with Westminster and Whitehall on information security issues. Simon is also a member of the Information Communication Technology Policy Group, advising members of the European Parliament.

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