Bob Geldof KBE

Bob Geldof KBE

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Campaigner & Businessman

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Bob has inspired hundreds of projects across Africa and ensures it remains on the political agenda and in the public consciousness. In a rousing speech on social responsibility, Bob reminds us that we are all defined by what we do, not what we say. This isn’t confined to philanthropy. He might also confess to some pride at the thought of becoming the first Irishman (and the first genuine rock star) in space.


After making his name as a pop star, Bob Geldof was so moved by a BBC news report on the famine in Ethiopia that it changed his life overnight. As a direct response he organised Band Aid - soon followed by Live Aid.

Twenty years later, Bob used his contacts and influence again to orchestrate Live 8, coinciding with the G8 summit in Gleneagles. His perseverance has spawned hundreds of practical projects and ensured Africa’s plight does not slip off the international agenda.

Alongside campaigning, for which he has been knighted and named European Hero of the Year by Time Magazine, Bob is a successful entrepreneur. He is strongly pro-enterprise, as much at home with business leaders and balance sheets as he is in the company of Prime Ministers and Presidents. As well as co-founding a media and production company, he is a founding partner of communication software and data company Groupcall.

In presentations Bob shows how to lead from the front. He argues that we are defined by what we do, not by what we say: everyone in every organisation genuinely can make a difference. He also explains why it is in the interest of business to nurture and support Africa - not least as an increasingly important source of resources.


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When Bob took to the stage, even the most serious looking business types pressed forward to listen. It's a cliché to describe a speaker having an audience 'spellbound' - but Bob's such a natural storyteller that he held their attention effortlessly, speaking without notes and from the heart. Afterwards he posed for selfies with everyone, including the event organisers!” JLA Agent Emily Collier

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Bob Geldof