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Comedian and Former Medic

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Initially combining life as a junior doctor with his role in the musical comedy duo Amateur Transplants, Adam has gone from the online hit London Underground song to become an acclaimed author. His debut book This is Going to Hurt has become an award-winning best-seller translated into 20 languages and adapted for television.


Adam Kay is a comedian, musician, writer, and former junior doctor. He fronted the musical comedy act Amateur Transplants alongside fellow doctor Suman Biswas. The pair became an online hit with their London Underground song, a parody of The Jam’s Going Underground. As well as reaching over four million downloads the duo became a live hit around the country.

As a solo performer Adam has continued to perform at festivals and clubs around the UK. His comedy combines dark humour with unexpected insights into the world of healthcare and hospitals and has been described as “bracingly intelligent and enormous fun” by The Times. Away from the stage his debut book This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor became an award-winning bestseller translated into 20 languages and adapted for television.

Adam has also written for comedy shows across BBC TV and is a regular on Radio 4’s The Now Show. He’s also worked as an advertising copywriter and in medicine he has written professional texts as well as acclaimed women’s health features for Cosmopolitan magazine.

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