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Facebook's Marketing Director for six years, Randi helped to expand the social media giant from niche service to global network leading developments including Facebook Live. Particularly active in working to widen access to the digital world and STEM learning, her projects have run from children’s books to restaurant businesses to radio shows. She shares insights and real-world scenarios of how social media has changed the world, how to deal with it, and why inclusivity is vital to future success.

Christopher Wylie, known as the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, is a data scientist, microtargeting expert and author. He has testified in government-led investigations; forced society to consider how their online profiles could be used against them; and caused a significant drop in Facebook’s market value after speaking up about the company’s data malpractices. Author of Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America, Christopher discusses the threat social media has on democracy, the dangers of data mining and the ethics involved in political campaigns.

Starting his web design business aged just 11, Ben was running a company by the time he was studying for his GCSEs. Before he was 18 he was running a fully fledged online, branding and social media consultancy and was feted as the future of British business. Having exited his first business and started to build his second, he provide insights in to the social media landscape (he’s roughly the same age as Google) and the future of business. He also considers what’s new, what’s fading from popularity, and who’s using what platform.

In a career that encompasses the UN, Google, Facebook and SpaceX, as well as political speechwriting, Dex offers a rare insight in to the intersection of politics, technology and society. Referring to some of the world’s biggest and most influential companies, he examines important questions of trust, automation, innovation and privacy. Looking at the positive and negative effects of an increasingly connected world he sees ethical dilemmas, nation states creating their own internet ‘blocs’, the world’s poorest accessing a global network, and social media spreading fake news faster than real news.

Ellie has gone from entering the ITV comic talent contest Show Me The Funny with no prior standup experience to being a regular on Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week and The Mash Report. She’s got her hands dirty trying to rid the UK of fake tan on make-under show Snog Marry Avoid, has travelled back to Roman times in Plebs, and co-hosts her own Heart radio show.

Lucian runs a candidate driven recruitment site that allows users to follow target employers and receive relevant updates from across the web. He is also one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and runs Take Heart India, which provides IT skills to blind students in rural areas. Lucian talks about the power of social networking and Generation Y – with its changing expectations, technological know-how and loyalty to skill, not employer.

Branded a ‘people hacker’ Jenny established a corporate career before an interest in social engineering - how people can be manipulated into revealing confidential information or permitting access - led her into the security world. With a mixture of entertaining anecdotes and revealing, sometimes worrying, insights she explains how the human element is invariably the easiest target for those out to access both the physical and digital assets of an organisation.

The multi-lingual former China and business reporter now presents Newsnight having fronted all the main BBC news bulletins. She’s also led feature-length interviews with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump and written a personal examination of the world of broadcast news in Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News.

With over two decades of experience at the famed Pixar Studios, Matthew has been involved in creating some of the best known and well-loved films of modern times, from Toy Story 2 and 3 to Monsters Inc. He now applies his expertise to the business world, enabling organisations to make the most of their most powerful tool - their story.

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