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People used to joke that if you find yourself in the same place as Adie you should get out immediately. As Chief News Reporter she broadcast from the front line in the Gulf War and riots in Tiananmen Square. After dinner Kate talks about Britain’s home front, when women started going to football matches.

The former Channel 4 News anchor and winner of Celebrity Mastermind also presents The World Tonight, Front Row and a range of arts and culture programmes on BBC radio and TV. Combining wit, intelligence and a breadth of interests Samira is as comfortable with Hollywood as she is with Westminster or the RSC.

The Sony Award-winning presenter tackles topical issues for the speech network. TV credits include Lorraine and The One Show.

The ex-ITV News anchor now covers classical music concerts on television and radio – and is universally known as the ‘Prom Queen.’

As well as chairing Radio 4’s weekly political debate, Jonathan has filmed documentaries in Russia, South America and Africa. He’s also explored events at home and abroad during World War II.

Originally a tree-climbing showbiz reporter on The Sun, Nick then introduced viewers to topless darts on LIVE TV. He now refers to himself as Mr London, the controversial breakfast host on LBC 97.3. Nick has also been known to indulge his fans with a one-man theatre show.

The LBC and former 5Live presenter has opened PMQs to public scrutiny and interviewed everyone from those that run the country to the cast of TOWIE. Shelagh admits to having the odd dream about George Osborne, who found out and encouraged her to enjoy the experience. As the story proves, she’s also a marvellous mimic.

As demonstrated in the phone-hacking scandal, the columnist turned phone-in host admits that most of her colleagues would fail any morality test. Imagine you’re a paparazzo. You see a man up to his neck in sand and realise it’s Nick Clegg. The only question is, what exposure will best capture the drama?

Alongside the Today programme and the cerebral quiz, John has examined the dependency culture and chaired The Education Debates. After dinner he invites guests to turn the tables and grill him; he’s often asked about politicians’ flagrant misuse of the English language.

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