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Not only was The Guardian’s Associate Editor once involved in a physical brush with the PM’s press secretary, he’s also engaged in ‘light sabre fighting’ with a Cabinet Minister. Despite this he feels more at home with the verbal insult - as in his programme Savaged By A Dead Sheep.

Hugo writes Times editorials and columns for the likes of GQ and The Spectator. He is also a regular guest on The News Quiz. After dinner he might explain why Miliband gives strange speeches, or why Boris thinks he’s paid someone to stalk him with a box of eggs.

As the PA’s man in Brussels, Geoff charted Europe’s twists and turns for over three decades, witnessing shifting allegiances and the odd scandal. With an insider’s knowledge and ability to encapsulate the multi-layered world of European politics into straightforward language, Geoff reveals what’s really happening in the financial and political crises sweeping Europe. As well as providing ready analysis, Geoff enjoys dispelling 100 European myths in 30 minutes. For instance, despite charges of lavish over-staffing, all EU institutions put together employ fewer people than Cardiff City Council!

Eve enjoyed a ringside seat as a First Lady of Fleet Street – mixing with heroes, villains, Presidents and Prime Ministers. She also fronted TV coverage of the latest royal birth. Eve recalls how one interview with Mrs Thatcher went on for 28 minutes without her being able to ask a single question.

As Home Secretary David was in charge of security, immigration and policing. He is now Chairman of a multi-Academy Trust and an advisor to easyJet. As well as sharing insights on cyber-crime and crisis management, David considers how leaders can best engage with the public and counter the widespread sense of grievance. He argues for business to take a lead: “You are a part of our communities, not just employers of people with certain skills.” After dinner he takes a lighter look at a life in politics - both highs and lows – from The Queen offering to cut up his meal, to Sarkozy claiming to have intercepted his emails.

Having covered politics for over 20 years for the BBC, various print titles, and as The Independent’s Chief Political Commentator, Steve examines events in Westminster with wit and an insider’s knowledge. As with his successful Rock N Roll Politics stage show (and podcast) he pokes fun at the key figures, plots and misunderstandings whilst also defending politicians and the near-impossible job they have to do.

As demonstrated in the phone-hacking scandal, columnist turned phone-in host Julia admits that most of her colleagues would fail any morality test. With wit, insight and directness she looks at Westminster, Brexit and the wider news agenda and considers what on Earth is going on.

Matthew took over from Boris Johnson as Editor of The Spectator before moving to the Guardian and writing Post-Truth: The New War on Truth and How to Fight Back. With over 20 years experience of covering all sides of British politics he offers an insight into the key personalities and ideas influencing Westminster and beyond. A confidant of both sides of the House, he’s the author of In It Together: The Inside Story of the Coalition Government as well has having edited Gordon Brown’s book Being British: the search for values that bind the nation.

After chairing the Young Social Democrats, Daniel became an advisor to Hague and Major. He aligned himself with Cameron, Osborne and Gove, and now sits as a working Peer with a particular emphasis on urban regeneration and infrastructure. Still writing on politics (and football) for The Times, Daniel sees the Big Society as central, even if the term has been abandoned. He argues that social responsibility does not rely on Government intervention.

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