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Having worked in law enforcement and cybersecurity, Victoria joined the social media giant in a leading role to connect the business to government and security agencies. A leading thinker on trust and safety in the digital world, she looks at everything from the how, why and who of fake news to what AI could do for privacy, the myths and realities of cybercrime to what invading someone’s space in virtual reality might mean.

As Home Secretary David was in charge of security, immigration and policing. He is now Chairman of a multi-Academy Trust and an advisor to easyJet. As well as sharing insights on cyber-crime and crisis management, David considers how leaders can best engage with the public and counter the widespread sense of grievance. He argues for business to take a lead: “You are a part of our communities, not just employers of people with certain skills.” After dinner he takes a lighter look at a life in politics - both highs and lows – from The Queen offering to cut up his meal, to Sarkozy claiming to have intercepted his emails.

David Miliband served as Environment and then as Foreign Secretary under Gordon Brown – noted for his strong working relationship with Hillary Clinton and his work on human rights. He now leads the humanitarian relief organisation the International Rescue Committee. Combining insights into both UK and global politics, he considers the shifts in economic power, the effects of conflict, and the problems of globalisation and isolationism.

Before becoming Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Sir John worked around the world in diplomatic and security postings, including spells as the Foreign Office‘s Desk Officer in the EU Department, Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair, and British Permanent Representative at the UN. His time at MI6 was marked by leading a service whose reputation had been damaged by the Iraq war and the Snowden affair, whilst also charged with tackling new technological and ideological threats.

Maersk, the world largest shipping company, runs on technology - systems that track the whereabouts of millions of tonnes of cargo every minute of every day, everywhere in the world. When the company was hit by one of the most severe malicious cyberattacks ever, offices were disconnected, networks failed and computers went blank. Adam recounts a dramatic story of emergency procedures, sleepless nights, improvised systems and frenzied phone calls. A huge team effort kept the company operating, removed the malware, and rebuilt the crucial global network in what has become a lesson for others in dealing with this new type of threat.

Sweta is an incisive voice on the science behind human decision-making and its impact on societies, institutions and ecological networks. She brings expert knowledge from both the private and public sector to bear on some of the biggest challenges of our time, most notably climate change and Covid-19. Sweta is the US representative of We Don't Have Time, a climate-focussed organisation, and also co-hosts Risky Behavior, a podcast that sheds light on human behaviour in relation to food, drugs and sex. 

A leading authority on international politics and relations, particulary involving China, Africa and the West, Stephen advises governments, businesses and NGOs around the world. He's advised the Foreign Office, and worked with the State Council of the Chinese Prime Minister. He served as a member of the Africa-China-US Trilateral Dialogue to establish trading rules and is widely credited with greatly contributing to the understanding of international politics in general, and African politics in particular.

A former RAF fighter pilot and Executive Officer of the Red Arrows, Justin gives an extraordinary account of high-performance culture, looking at the drivers of excellence in high-risk environments. He has taken these lessons into the business world, working for over 15 years as a consultant delivering insights into the structure of world class teams, covering strategic ambiguity and agility, safety culture, decision-making, leadership and teamwork.

Before serving as only the fifth woman to hold one of Britain’s Great Offices of State, Amber represented the UK at the Paris climate change conference as Energy and Climate Change Secretary. As Home Secretary she led calls for tech companies to take greater responsibility for the spread of radicalising content online. After also serving as Work and Pensions Secretary and Women and Equalities Minister, Amber left the Government amid the bitter arguments over the pursuing of a no-deal Brexit policy.

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