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Paul wishes to introduce you to Baby (a precocious infant), Sam (an awkward teenager) and Albert – a belligerent pensioner. The Standard sum it up: ‘If you think the words “brilliant” and “ventriloquist” have no place in the same sentence, see Zerdin for some brutal re-education.’

The ex-video games designer was born in Kenya to Indian parents, then educated in the States before setting up home in London. His is one of the most distinctive new voices in comedy. After success with The Imran Yusuf Show on BBC Three, he has hit the road – gigging from Swindon to South East Asia.

The politics graduate and first ever Pop Idol winner released the fastest selling debut single in UK chart history. He has since appeared on almost everything from Never Mind The Buzzcocks to Question Time, acted on big and small screens and on stage, and co-hosts the popular Homo Sapiens podcast.

Likened by Peter Kay to ‘a young Dave Allen,’ the Welshman is stamping his mark on the circuit with wonderfully tall tales. Originally a warm-up on local TV, Rod has since played Las Vegas and scored a hit on YouTube with his catchy anthem for Cardiff City, Do The Ayatollah.

The former cabbie has won a great deal of respect for his own vocals since Amy’s death. After a US tour he sings with piano, bass, drums and trumpet – and pays tribute to Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.

Fondly remembered as Barry in Eastenders, Shaun has since appeared in Extras, Life’s Too Short, The Secret Policeman’s Ball, Chicago and in Rapunzel the BBC’s new anthology of Fairy Tales. He offers a peak inside Albert Square - and fronts his own ten piece soul band.

The likable Welshman offers an excellent line in improvised banter - and an antidote to the more confrontational style of comedy. Would drivers’ stress be eased if car horns produced whalesong? Is your class defined by whether or not you think ciabatta was a character in Star Wars?

Songwriter, singer, producer, actor, entrepreneur and founder member of The Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am has worked with musicians from Michael Jackson to U2 to Nicki Minaj. Away from music he has maintained a long-term interest in technology working as creative director at Intel and CCO at a 3D printing and scanning company and working on projects including apps, iPhone accessories and smart watches. He was even the first artist to steam a song to Mars.

Originally a sports reporter, Josh switched to stand-up and quickly earned a nomination for the Foster’s Best Newcomer Award. The Times thinks he ‘shows confidence and charm that could sell out stadiums.’ He’s already established on Live At The Apollo and Mock The Week, and the topical Channel 4 show, The Last Leg.

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