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Arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time, eight-time grand slam winner and Olympic gold medalist Andre speaks about philanthropy and the power to improve communities and the lives of others.

John was the first Brit to play at the top level of US basketball, once declining a $17m transfer fee. He’s now a respected cognitive psychologist and founder of a major community sport initiative in Manchester. John brings his research and competitive experience to bear on the management challenges: how do you improve resilience, reduce stress and turn managers into coaches? And how do you distinguish between effective and ineffective motivational tactics?

In an extraordinary show of endurance, Mark cycled around the world in 194 days, taking 81 days off the record. Almost a decade later he took on the challenge again, this time aiming to travel around the world in 80 days. He smashed the existing record for cycling over 18,000 by completing the trip in 78 days. He’s also cycled the length of the Americas and of Africa. His approach is straightforward: “Test your limits - but don’t allow the big picture to frighten you. Devise a series of manageable targets, develop consistent work output, and teach yourself to calculate and control the risks.”

Boris Becker is still the youngest ever Men’s Singles Champion at Wimbledon. He amassed 49 professional titles over his career, including six Grand Slams. Boris shares his lessons and experiences as a world number one, his life in the media and in business, and his time coaching Novak Djokovic.

The former world super-middleweight champion is now both a Eurosport pundit and a hypnotherapist, helping young people back into work. After dinner he talks about coming face to face with a man who wants to render you unconscious. He also explains why he failed to hypnotise himself.

Following Ayrton Senna’s death at Imola, David was promoted from test driver to the race team – where he sat alongside Damon Hill. He enjoyed 13 Grand Prix wins over 15 seasons. Now a member of the pit lane commentary team, David talks first hand about how to succeed in a high performance and unremittingly high pressure environment. He also explains how F1 teams rely on the drivers, technicians, engineers and sponsors all working together.

Karen has kayaked through Alaska’s Inner Passage and cycled from Tibet to Nepal, in spite of paralysis from the chest down. After claiming silver in London she squeezed in (and filmed) an Iron Man contest as part of her build up to Rio, and then took gold in the Paralympics (despite losing a year’s training after being hit by a car). Karen shows how we can best understand ourselves and others by attempting challenges. The emotions they untap aren’t signs of weakness, they help us heal: “Listening to yourself and dealing with fear makes you stronger.”

George Foreman is a household name: a two-time former World Heavyweight Champion and a highly successful businessman. After a troubled upbringing, he began to use his size for sporting glory instead of frightening his peers and turned pro after winning a gold medal at the Mexico Olympics. Drawing on his success in the ring and in the business arena, George calls on conference delegates to unleash their true fighting spirit and face obstacles head on.

Drawing on a deep friendship, Bruno and his after dinner sparring partner Garry Richardson dish up an entertaining, thought-provoking and poignant look at Frank’s life – both in and out of the ring. Without pulling punches they conjure up the triumphs and defeats, the laughter and the tears.

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