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On the track Seb’s talent and commitment earned eleven world records and two Olympic gold medals; he has since led the most successful Games in recent history. After serving as one of many Vice Presidents, Seb is tasked with turning around World Athletics and restoring the reputation of international athletics, in the gaze of the world’s media. In speeches he shares the lessons as an athlete and as a leader delivering a vision, managing crisis and bringing about change.

One of Britain’s most successful Olympians, after collecting three Olympic silvers she finally took gold alongside Anna Watkins at the London Games. She returned to her boat in time for the Rio Olympics and once again won silver. She has published her autobiography, Dreams Do Come True, gained a PhD (in homicide) and now supports the next generation of sportspeople as Chair of UK Sport. In her speeches Katherine reveals the little things she did differently to improve, how the ability to identify and exploit opportunity pays off in high level competition, and how she moved from focusing on her own peak performance to helping up-and-coming athletes do the same. She also describes ...

Chris has amassed eleven World Championship titles and six Olympic golds. As well as broadcasting, promoting his range of bikes and raising cycling awareness, he’s now forging a successful motorsport career. In a hugely instructive presentation Chris explains how he dealt with intense training and competition, how he learned to bounce back after defeats – and why the team constantly searches for marginal gains.

One of the greatest athletes of all time, Johnson’s medal haul includes 9 World Championship and 4 Olympic golds. He was the first man to win both 400m and 200m titles. Now a businessman and a columnist, Michael shares the techniques he used to stay focused and achieve long term goals. As in his book Gold Rush, he outlines the psychological and personal qualities needed to be a champion: “Ask yourself, if a competitor is doing better than expected – do I change my strategy?”

Matthew was England’s top table tennis player for more than a decade. He’s now best known as author of Rebel Ideas, Bounce and Black Box Thinking. In presentations Matthew challenges organisations to avoid institutionalism and open themselves up to change and diverse thinking. Feedback should be shared with everybody. Just as the entire aviation industry learns from each aircraft’s black box after an incident, failure should become an opportunity to adapt and grow whilst that sense of openness can also see innovation and improvements arise from anywhere.

Tom Daley is an Olympic diver who won gold for Team GB alongside Matty Lee at the 2021 Tokyo Games, marking his third and highest-achieving Olympic medal to date. As well as a champion in his sport, Tom is also a husband, a father and a proud spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ community.

Jason is Britain’s most successful Olympian with seven Olympic gold medals to his name.

Britain’s most successful woman Olympian, cyclist Laura won double-gold at both London and Rio in the team pursuit and the omnium. Her win in the multi-disciplinary event formed a part of one of the most memorable Olympic occasions and Britain’s most successful Games ever. She won her fifth gold in the women's madison during the 2020 Tokyo games. 

Peaty became Britain's first swimmer to maintain an Olympic title in 2021 when he scooped a gold medal in the men's 100m breaststroke. It was the first Gold for Team GB in the 2021 Tokyo Games. Philosophical on the definition of peak performance, Peaty has described an ambition to achieve what he calls 'Project Immortal': a swim so well-executed that it could be said to reach beyond ordinary human capability and which is virtually unbeatable. Peaty specialises in breaststroke. He claimed the 2016 Olympic title in the competition, becoming the first man to go 57 seconds, then 56 seconds, in the 10...

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