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The former Channel 4 News anchor and winner of Celebrity Mastermind also presents The World Tonight, Front Row and a range of arts and culture programmes on BBC radio and TV. Combining wit, intelligence and a breadth of interests Samira is as comfortable with Hollywood as she is with Westminster or the RSC.

Faye has presented morning bulletins for ITN and Sky’s rolling news, as well as gardening and holiday strands for the independent network.

The BBC’s Middle East Editor has filed reports from 70 countries, co-presented breakfast TV and hosted Have I Got News for You. He now covers developments as they unfold across a volatile region and also looks at the motivation and the lighter side of broadcasting in the middle of conflict – including how he dodged bullets in Bosnia by falling asleep in a blackberry bush.

The multi-lingual news anchor, face of the Antiques Roadshow and BBC4 quiz host also writes about Britain’s beauty spots for The Telegraph.

Andrea has anchored ITV News, been a regular on This Morning, presented business briefings for Bloomberg and interviewed Aung San Suu Kyi.

As one of Sky’s principal anchors, Steve was the first in the world to break the news of the London bombings.

The former Sky News reporter now presents Scottish national business, politics, sports and entertainment news from Glasgow.

Huw is the lead news anchor on the nation’s main bulletin. He also leads coverage of State occasions and plays an active part in BBC’s School Report.

Before anchoring Newsnight and Dateline London, Gavin was Chief North America Correspondent at the time of the Lewinsky hearings. After writing about leadership in Lessons From The Top, Gavin’s next book turns his gaze to trust. How have we lost trust in many of the institutions that define our lives, from governments and security services to the media, big business and the banks? He examines strategies to retain and rebuild trust in our ‘suspicious’ century.

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