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The Scottish BAFTA-nominated stars of The Magicians specialise in the macabre (rather than just plucking rabbits out of hats). The tricks are dark, twisted and sometimes bloody: expect sharp knives, cheese wire and the sort of minds that turned a man into a pillar of salt for Tricks From The Bible.

It’s bingo, but with music. Guests are given cards with song titles instead of numbers, then mark off tracks as they’re played by B&S’s pioneering DJs. With a Mistress of Ceremonies holding order and dishing out silly prizes from glo-sticks to toasters, Bring & Share has been a hit everywhere from the National Theatre to Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage. Rounds can be designed especially for the event.

The Guardian describe the Channel 4 illusionist as ‘the greatest dinner party guest in history.’ For corporate shows he plays double bluff with his audience, reads volunteers’ minds and builds up to an awe-inspiring finale. The act does not involve hypnosis.

The innovative circus creators provide anything from real 10 foot robots, fire and cloud swinging, street dance with LED suits, web spins and tightly choreographed juggling routines. All programmes have a contemporary feel and are totally adaptable to the venue and theme.

In HBO’s Family Tree the actor-ventriloquist charmed US and UK audiences. As her puppet puts it, they’re “genre-defying.” The Mirror just call Nina ‘a genius.’ Nina’s corporate act features Monkey, Lydia, and a mask-wearing volunteer from the audience.

Chris admits he can’t read minds. Instead he employs magic, psychology, body language, influencing skills and plain lying to make us think he knows just what we’re thinking. According to the Time Out critic, the star of the hit West End show Impossible ‘does tricks that would make Jesus proud.’

Best described as an ‘unusualist’, Raymond mixes comedy, magic, ventriloquism and shadow puppetry. The toast of the 07 Real Variety Show, he built a worldwide fan base when his treatment of Wonderful World was discovered on YouTube.

Dynamo is urban magic - mixing extraordinary close-up magic with grander illusions such as walking down the side of skyscrapers and across the Thames. He’s a frequent guest at celebrity parties and his Magician Impossible series is a huge cult hit.

Since performing dubious exercises with animals in Dirty Tricks, Pete has starred in The Magicians and Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular. He’s also performed with Rihanna, stormed Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival and produced his first book: Tricks To Freak Out Your Friends. Described by The Telegraph as ‘the new poster-boy for British comedy magic,’ Pete is about to set off on tour in Trickster.

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