Fee Bands

  1. Over £25k
  2. £10k to £25k
  3. £5k to £10k
  4. £2.5k to £5k
  5. £1k to £2.5k
  6. Up to £1k

Christiane made her name as CNN’s Chief International Correspondent – reporting from the world’s hotspots. She now anchors from London.

Tom presents news and features on the French global network. He is also fluent in Italian and Japanese.

The ex-Channel 4 reporter is now Chief Economist with a Moscow-based asset management firm. He has also launched the country’s first independent data source and the Russian-European Centre for Economic Policy. Liam believes the western press still presents a very one-sided view. In fact, Russia has paid off almost all its sovereign debt, built the world’s 3rd biggest foreign exchange reserves and has a resilient economy – with 13% basic income tax. It will soon be Europe’s largest retail market.

As the PA’s man in Brussels, Geoff charted Europe’s twists and turns for over three decades, witnessing shifting allegiances and the odd scandal. With an insider’s knowledge and ability to encapsulate the multi-layered world of European politics into straightforward language, Geoff reveals what’s really happening in the financial and political crises sweeping Europe. As well as providing ready analysis, Geoff enjoys dispelling 100 European myths in 30 minutes. For instance, despite charges of lavish over-staffing, all EU institutions put together employ fewer people than Cardiff City Council!

The ex-Money Programme reporter has hosted UN debates and trained scientists at CERN to explain ‘stuff’ to the public in everyday English.

The former HARDtalk host founded and chairs influential forums across the Arab world. He also explores the issues facing India.

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