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Mobile, online and digital strategy expert, Ross has worked with brands in all industries on their digital strategy and how to apply digital to their management of relationships with both customers and employees. As a co-founder of Virgin Games he’s seen from the inside the effects of rapid innovation and new competition. He also looks at the latest develops in mobile, digital, online and the Internet of Things.

Danny has helped big and small businesses develop their online presence since the early days of the net. As well as explaining how to keep up with changes to the algorithms determining where every website appears in the natural rankings, he sets out to test everything from site design to paid ad budgets in order to maximise ROI. With genuine passion and refreshing clarity, Danny demystifies the jargon and offers simple, actionable tips for immediate effect.

The former Editor and Group Content Director for the Independent and Evening Standard, Chris Blackhurst now serves as Executive Director at Sir Lynton Crosby’s strategy company. Chris has seen huge changes in the media landscape. From Leveson to social media to foreign ownership he has witnessed the effects of disruption first hand. With knowledge of and stories from the corridors of power in politics, media and commerce, he provides a view of where power lies, the likely outcome of key events, and how to communicate your message.

Since his early days running Pop Idol chatrooms and helping MySpace attract 10m UK users, Andrew has become one of the foremost experts in social media. He has trained several big agency teams and created the first dedicated course for secondary schools. He’s now on the advisory board at Ofcom. Andrew shows how to keep online conversations going, but stresses the need for digital strategy always to complement traditional business building and marketing.

Linda developed the first BBC sites, launched E4 and led digital distribution deals before broadening her base as European IT Director for Discovery Networks. She now lectures and helps companies innovate and diversify into new, validated revenue streams. Linda believes the challenge is to keep up with consumers’ expectations and what the workforce expect of their technology stack – but any investment in digital has to deliver measurable and meaningful ROI.

Working at the cutting-edge of fashion, technology and retail, Matthew demonstrates how the fashion industry is being changed in every facet of its operation. From what clothes can do (monitoring your activities, charging your phone) to how VR could replace high street shops, how robots could replace craftspeople to the future of manufacturing he finds important lessons for any industry in collaboration, disruption and future strategy.

As Zopa co-Founder and CEO, James was a pioneer in peer-to-peer lending. Putting those with a small amount to invest in front of reliable borrowers has proved a successful business model, creating what is now globally £100bn sector. James is now helping organisation make more informed strategic choices as part of FutureAgenda.org, the world’s largest open foresight programme. In presentations he examines disruption across a range of industries and considers how long-established organisations can drive innovation and be better prepared for the future.

Lucian runs a candidate driven recruitment site that allows users to follow target employers and receive relevant updates from across the web. He is also one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and runs Take Heart India, which provides IT skills to blind students in rural areas. Lucian talks about the power of social networking and Generation Y – with its changing expectations, technological know-how and loyalty to skill, not employer.

Simon was a UK 'Technology Ambassador' under Tony Blair. He co-authored the Digital Plan for Britain and advises public and private sectors on eGovernment, electronic crime and information risk. His remit includes ‘hactivism’ and the ever more sophisticated attacks on business. As well as security issues, Simon considers the challenges of Big Data analytics, the fast evolving subject of Artificial Intelligence and how to tackle a rising volume and spectrum of sources, from RFID chips to social media. He looks at the many opportunities, risks and regulation around disruptive technology.

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