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The BBC’s Middle East Editor has filed reports from 70 countries, co-presented breakfast TV and hosted Have I Got News for You. He now covers developments as they unfold across a volatile region and also looks at the motivation and the lighter side of broadcasting in the middle of conflict – including how he dodged bullets in Bosnia by falling asleep in a blackberry bush.

Before anchoring Newsnight and Dateline London, Gavin was Chief North America Correspondent at the time of the Lewinsky hearings. After writing about leadership in Lessons From The Top, Gavin’s next book turns his gaze to trust. How have we lost trust in many of the institutions that define our lives, from governments and security services to the media, big business and the banks? He examines strategies to retain and rebuild trust in our ‘suspicious’ century.

As demonstrated in the phone-hacking scandal, the columnist turned phone-in host admits that most of her colleagues would fail any morality test. Imagine you’re a paparazzo. You see a man up to his neck in sand and realise it’s Nick Clegg. The only question is, what exposure will best capture the drama?

The bi-lingual ex-Paris correspondent has also reported from the NYSE and rollerbladed with a Finance Minister. She now writes a Money Talks blog.

Clive has reported from 80 countries, from conflict in Iraq to the election trail in America. He has also made a documentary on Barack Obama.

Robert was the first to draw public attention to the fact that Northern Rock was approaching technical insolvency. The ex-FT Financial Editor and author of How Do We Fix This Mess? is now the most followed UK journalist in social media. After reporting on the scale of China’s debt and traditional retail’s reaction to online competition, Robert moved to ITV to take on a broad remit – with more documentaries and an agenda-setting Sunday show.

A veteran of the Westminster beat, the BBC Deputy Political Editor believes that cynicism is unhelpful: assume politicians are attempting to say something useful - but listen very, very carefully. He speculates on what might happen if we were to select the next government by means of reality television.

AIB’s International TV Personality of the Year reported from Brussels and Washington before taking over the flagship interview with global reach.

Originally a reporter in Hong Kong, Sue spent many years as a medical correspondent - winning awards for her campaigning coverage of MRSA.

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