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Rob Broderick and his multi-instrumentalist partner James Hancox invite audience suggestions on almost any subject and instantly turn them into a funky hip-hop track. Dick & Dom’s house band has been hailed as ‘Flight of the Conchords meets 8 Mile.‘ For bigger audiences they grow to a four-man act.

Lippowitz has a talent for bringing pop songs to life. He would like audiences to believe that he’s found hidden depth to the work of Elton John and Natalie Imbruglia. In fact, performing two or three songs in cabaret, the Fast And Loose star is one of the most inventive mimes in the land.

With the help of ingenious live looping technology the award-winning beatboxer raises the roof with a set of hip-hop, funk and soul based vocal gymnastics. He has also gigged with a drummer and a string trio (sounding like a full orchestra), and transformed the entire audience into a backing band.

Gifted character comedian Tom brings two great comic grotesques to life: Ivan Brackenbury is Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Hospital Radio’s flagship presenter incapable of going a minute without putting his foot in his mouth or playing wildly inappropriate tracks to the ailing patients. With psychic-medium Ian D Montfort, he combines hilarious observation and parody with an impressive ability to ‘read minds’ and communicate with the deceased. Both appeared in Tom’s BBC One mockumentary Hospital People.

As a rapper Doc Brown (aka Ben Smith) has worked with Mark Ronson and De La Soul. As an actor, he’s made his mark in Law & Order UK and Level Up. As a comic he mixes rhythmic skills and observations on London life into a skillful routine.

Armed with a battery of effects pedals, Rob homes in on the silliest lyrics ever written and songs you really shouldn’t listen to at certain moments in life. The Independent describe his superb musicianship and physical comedy as ‘nothing less than a joy.’ He has hosted 99 Things To Do Before You Die, toured with Emo Philips and set an impressive record by answering every question correctly on The Weakest Link.

In the long roll call of British eccentrics, Tim’s record speaks for itself. He is the first man to row across the Channel in a bath, and the farthest to run across the La Mancha plain in armour. He has also replicated ten of history’s greatest bets for Radio 4 in The Gambler, including a spot of cheese throwing.

Sisters Flo & Joan (Nicola and Rosie Dempsey) write and perform comic songs ranging from the light and upbeat to the dark and deadpan that according to the Telegraph are “intricately crafted, flawlessly performed and that will have you howling with laughter.”

In daytime presentations the conductor-entertainer shows what businesses can learn from the orchestra. In cabaret the ‘classical music hooligan’ romps from New World to Carmina Burana (and other ad tunes), with audience members taking up the baton. Rainer performs in German, French, Spanish... and English.

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