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Simon was determined not to let his blindness be a barrier to doing things, including distance running. Using a mobile phone and app, he was able to start training on busy open roads without a guide. After just a few months training, a few set-backs and a lot of determination he was running ultramarathons. He now works with technology companies to help him push himself further and achieve even more incredible things.

A qualified psychotherapist, Ruby has made the leap from brash television star to respected campaigner, writer and communications expert. She shows how leadership skills can be taught then honed like a muscle, and how techniques she used in celebrity interviews translate directly into the boardroom – witness the clip of her talking to Madonna. The Veuve Clicquot Woman of the Year also talks about her work to raise awareness and public understanding about depression and mental illness, and how to cope better with the stresses of the modern world.

Entrepreneur and business strategist Josh started designing and manufacturing at 13, was a consultant at 15, and still in his early 20s heads an innovation and manufacturing strategy business. With a global network in over 100 countries, Josh seeks to disrupt established business models and challenges received wisdom on innovation strategy, out-sourcing and supply chain as well as how to become a more agile, creative business. He also looks at the future of R&D and technology.

Starting his web design business aged just 11, Ben was running a company by the time he was studying for his GCSEs. Before he was 18 he was running a fully fledged online, branding and social media consultancy and was feted as the future of British business. Having exited his first business and started to build his second, he provide insights in to the social media landscape (he’s roughly the same age as Google) and the future of business. He also considers what’s new, what’s fading from popularity, and who’s using what platform.

In a career that encompasses the UN, Google, Facebook and SpaceX, as well as political speechwriting, Dex offers a rare insight in to the intersection of politics, technology and society. Referring to some of the world’s biggest and most influential companies, he examines important questions of trust, automation, innovation and privacy. Looking at the positive and negative effects of an increasingly connected world he sees ethical dilemmas, nation states creating their own internet ‘blocs’, the world’s poorest accessing a global network, and social media spreading fake news faster than real news.

The last band to play at the old Wembley Stadium, the Bootlegs recreate the Fab Four’s hits from 63–70 with all the costume changes and backchat in between. Originally formed for a West End show, they are the most successful Beatles tribute act in the world.

Lucian runs a candidate driven recruitment site that allows users to follow target employers and receive relevant updates from across the web. He is also one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and runs Take Heart India, which provides IT skills to blind students in rural areas. Lucian talks about the power of social networking and Generation Y – with its changing expectations, technological know-how and loyalty to skill, not employer.

As Editor of the technology and trends magazine for almost a decade, David has a unique insight into digital businesses, gadgets, new developments and the culture taking shape around them. He has also chaired the G8 Innovation Summit, enjoyed rare access to Chinese mobile manufacturers Xiaomi, and tracked the progress of the world’s smartest companies. In presentations David explains how tech-led disruption is impacting on everything from manufacturing to motoring to services – and what incumbent companies can do to protect themselves.

Danny has helped big and small businesses develop their online presence since the early days of the net. As well as explaining how to keep up with changes to the algorithms determining where every website appears in the natural rankings, he sets out to test everything from site design to paid ad budgets in order to maximise ROI. With genuine passion and refreshing clarity, Danny demystifies the jargon and offers simple, actionable tips for immediate effect.

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