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Nigel started out as a wine merchant before turning himself into a food and drink critic (and a part-time rugby commentator). The same enthusiasm led him to the Edinburgh Fringe with a theatrical mission to make sherry trendy. For corporate gatherings Nigel offers a spirited alternative to wine tastings – using gin, vodka, rum or whisky. Guests also learn to make a perfect Mojito, Martini or Cosmopolitan.

Artist and illustrator Lance provides a live graphic commentary to an event or presentation, visually representing ideas and themes as they emerge.

Whether in leading a team or negotiating, risk plays a role in all our lives. The former professional poker player (and advisor on Casino Royale) shows how to distinguish between a calculated risk and a reckless gamble. He believes there’s a long way between the edge of our comfort zone and the acceptable limits of risk in almost any organisation. Offering practical insights into the science of decision-making, Caspar helps combat the fear of short term failure. Poker School: Even if one or two guests start off not recognising a flush or a full house, the former actor and Las Vegas poker pro will soon acquaint them with all the whys and wherefores you need to outwit your opponents at T...

It’s bingo, but with music. Guests are given cards with song titles instead of numbers, then mark off tracks as they’re played by B&S’s pioneering DJs. With a Mistress of Ceremonies holding order and dishing out silly prizes from glo-sticks to toasters, Bring & Share has been a hit everywhere from the National Theatre to Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage. Rounds can be designed especially for the event.

Jeremy was a talented right-handed golfer when he decided to turn pro. Just for fun a few years later he took a left-handed swing and found out that he was naturally ambidextrous. He’s now the best trick-shot merchant in the game. On company golf days Jeremy gives a 40 minute show and a short clinic before the round, then plays a hole with each group – inviting everyone to try a trick shot off the tee. Jeremy’s also a polished auctioneer and a very funny speaker.

With a mission to demystify wine and remove some of the off-putting language around it, Jilly has found fame as the country's favourite wine expert helping audiences to understand, differentiate and enjoy all varieties of wine.

Alex once scoured London for all 192 nationalities, before trying his hand at competitive ornithology. He now leads the inimitable Horne Section.

The Bonhams director and BBC Antiques Roadshow expert passes around a number of unfamilar objects and invites guests to estimate their age, use, country of origin and potential saleroom value. Eric is just as comfortable with small groups or large gatherings – with tables playing as teams combining novices and antiques enthusiasts. Whatever their nationality or level of knowledge, every participant will find it a hugely entertaining and enriching experience.

After success with the Military Wives and Sing While You Work, Gareth’s put together an all-star charity choir and taken the format to the US.

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