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One of the greatest dancers of all time, Carlos’ fame and success in the rarified world of ballet belies the poverty and struggle of his upbringing. His story of overcoming challenges and unremitting dedication is engaging, inspiring and instructive.

Nicola is the first female Olympic boxing champion. She’s always trained with boys. Themes include the isolation of facing an opponent one on one.

Lucy Adams was the BBC’s HR Director during one of its most turbulent periods. She was ultimately responsible for all aspects employee relations, reward, training and development, redundancies and personnel strategy over a time that included four DGs, the move to Salford, the reduction of management by 30%, the Savile scandal, and almost contract public, media and political scrutiny.

Victor runs the not-for-profit health and social care provider. Rather than fundraising, all income comes from central and local government contracts. There’s now an annual turnover of £100m, and 2,500 people working with 100,000 individuals on drug and drink abuse, mental health, learning difficulties and long term unemployment. In his speeches Victor explores public health, diversity and social issues. He may also highlight the need for leaders to keep learning.

After being afflicted with polio as a youngster, Ade refused to let disability get in the way of his love for sport and became ‘the Michael Jordan of wheelchair basketball.’ He represented GB at the European and World Championships, and won Paralympic bronze. He has since trekked through rainforests and hauled himself to the top of a 5,000’ volcano. Ade describes how he realised his condition wasn’t a big obstacle, and how we can all set our own boundaries.

Maggie has led projects making anything from land mine detectors to satellite sub-systems, designed to measure wind speed and other variables to improve our knowledge of climate change. In presentations she explains that we live in a galaxy with 200 billion stars. Each is a potential sun surrounded by planets. With more than 100 billion galaxies in the universe, Maggie believes there must be life out there, simply as a matter of probability.

Arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time, eight-time grand slam winner and Olympic gold medalist Andre speaks about philanthropy and the power to improve communities and the lives of others.

Ben is the first sailor to win medals at five Olympics. After seeing off the Danish boat in Weymouth Bay he masterminded tactics for the victorious US team in the America’s Cup - with his sights now firmly set on leading a British challenge. Ben demonstrates the physicality, techniques and strategic nous needed to compete at the highest level. He might also confess that his blocking tactics, now universally used, once led him to require police protection.

When Apollo 11 touched down in 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first humans to set foot on the moon. After a worldwide goodwill tour Buzz was asked to lead NASA’s school for test pilots. He is now circling the globe encouraging scientists, politicians and businesspeople to collaborate in the quest to create a permanent colony on Mars: “It will be built by robots controlled from satellites. Every 26 months, new pioneers will take a one-way trip!”

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