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After over thirty years on the Today programme, John looks back on a career that has seen him cover some of modern history's most significant moments, from Nixon's resignation to the fall of apartheid. He spent almost 20 years testing the knowledge of the public and celebrities in the famous Mastermind chair, and in writing has examined social change, the environment and religion. After dinner he invites guests to turn the tables and grill him; he’s often asked about evasive politicians’ and their misuse of the English language.

Leo explores the big ideas that will shape business and society in the years to come and considers how the world might respond. From revolutions in energy and transport to predictive policing and an end to language barriers, the co-founder of Sustainable Finance specialises in mapping out unexploded volcanoes – charting the collisions of megatrends that are going to create seismic disruption.

One of the greatest athletes of all time, Johnson’s medal haul includes 9 World Championship and 4 Olympic golds. He was the first man to win both 400m and 200m titles. Now a businessman and a columnist, Michael shares the techniques he used to stay focused and achieve long term goals. As in his book Gold Rush, he outlines the psychological and personal qualities needed to be a champion: “Ask yourself, if a competitor is doing better than expected – do I change my strategy?”

Before he joined the Murdoch radio station John was BBC Deputy Political Editor, covering the Westminster beat for all TV and radio outlets. As well as insights and anecdotes from Parliament and broadcasting he has speculated on what might happen if we were to select governments by means of reality television.



Before becoming Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Sir John worked around the world in diplomatic and security postings, including spells as the Foreign Office‘s Desk Officer in the EU Department, Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair, and British Permanent Representative at the UN. His time at MI6 was marked by leading a service whose reputation had been damaged by the Iraq war and the Snowden affair, whilst also charged with tackling new technological and ideological threats.

Andrew headed the John Lewis Intelligence Team, with responsibility for customer service and analysis of demographic trends. He believes customer experience tends to reflect the internal culture; you can’t teach it or stick it onto an unhappy or directionless organisation. Understand what the organisation and its people are for, what makes it special, establish a shared vision, and the rest will start to fall into place.

John was the first Brit to play at the top level of US basketball, once declining a $17m transfer fee to stay with the team that supported him. He’s now a respected cognitive psychologist, performance expert, activist and founder of a community sport initiative. John brings his research and his personal and sporting experiences to bear on management challenges such as improving resilience, reducing stress and turning managers into coaches. His personal and professional backgrounds have also seen him become a leading voice on issues around race and diversity, tackling challenges from institutional bias to role models and aspiration.

John Browne transformed BP from a two pipeline player into one of the world’s biggest companies. In doing so he pulled off huge mergers, challenged the industry status quo and became the first oil CEO to acknowledge the risks posed by climate change. He has since written on business strategy, homophobia and the natural elements that shape our lives. In his speeches Browne considers how we can ensure that business is a powerful force for good.

John and his research team at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University provide design advice to some of the world’s largest companies. Specialising in the lifestyle, trends and tastes of the rapidly evolving Chinese consumer, John has devised innovative systems to steer development of everything from domestic lighting to paint colours. He offers sharp insight into the collective mind-sets of 150 million middle class and another 300 million who are just beginning to benefit from economic boom.

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