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Bond’s debut album jumped to No.1 in 20 countries. They went on to open the Classical Brits and become the most successful string quartet in history – selling four million records. The new repertoire introduces Eastern European influences to produce a thrilling, high energy performance.


String quartet Bond reinvented classical music with their hugely successful mix of popular classical pieces, up-tempo backing, and high energy performances.

Their debut album Born was a number one in over twenty countries, and was the source of chart controversy in the UK went it was rejected from the classical chart for sounding too ‘pop’. They have gone on to sell over four million albums world-wide.

Bond have toured all over the world playing to all types of audiences, and are well-known for their work with brands including Peugeot and Raymond Weil. Despite arguments over their genre, they have opened the Classical Brits show twice, worked with club DJs and producers, and are now looking towards incorporating folk and Eastern European music into their repertoire.

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