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Brazilian Fiesta

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Viramundo produce a show full of colour, energy and sensuality. They come complete with Brazilian-Portuguese cavaquinho, horn section, two Latin percussionists providing the rhythmic swing - and stunning dancers performing lambadas and sambas bedecked in carnival costume.


Complete with eight-piece band and six dancers, Viramundo conjure up the essence of Brazilian music and dance. Led by vocalist, guitarist and cavaquinho player Paul Paulinho, it is a potent mix of Latin talent.

The rhythmic swing is provided by two top percussionists, Edson Ribeiro and Xavier Osmir. Together with Andres Lafone and Davide Giovannini on bass and drums, they provide the engine of the band’s sound. Trombone, sax and singer Kaw Regis make up the octet.

Viramundo cut their teeth in the clubs playing sambas, salsas, lambadas, meringues and bossas. They have performed at Gran Gran Fiesta and Notting Hill Carnival as well as Bahia, 100 Club and Yes Brazil. They have also provided party music for Madonna and Mick Jagger.

The group’s six sensual mulatta dancers turn the show into a spectacle, replete with amazing carnival costumes. It all adds up to a contagious spirit that makes even the most shy want to jump out of their seats and join in the fun.

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Viramundo in Performance