The Jacksons

The Jacksons

Motown Disco Greats


With millions of record sales and over forty years in music to their names, The Jacksons were responsible for some of the 1970s biggest hits including Can You Feel It?, I Want You Back, ABC, and I’ll Be There. Reformed for a series of tribute concerts following Michael’s untimely death, the group continue to perform an mixture of classic hits, Motown favourites, and selected hits from Michael’s solo career.


With millions of records and tickets sold over a career spanning over six decades, The Jacksons are one of the most famous acts in popular music history.

Founded in 1960 when father Joe Jackson started coaching his sons Jermaine, Tito and Jackie in singing and performing, the trio were joined later by Marlon and youngest brother Michael. The Jackson 5 - with Michael taking lead vocal duties - undertook years of hard touring and live performing, honing their skills and writing material until finally, at the end of the decade, they were signed by the legendary Motown Records. The group’s first single, I Want You Back went on to sell two million copies and set them up to provide the pop-disco soundtrack to the early 1970s. Global hits such as ABC and I’ll Be There, as well as energetic, polished live performances confirmed their reputation.

As Michael established his solo career, the group became known as The Jacksons, although he continued to work with and write for the group on hits such as Can You Feel It?, Blame It On The Boogie, and Shake Your Body. After almost 20 years, the group wound down and only reunited once, 17 years after their last performance, for a 30th anniversary celebration of Michael’s career. Following Michael’s untimely death, and putting aside past antagonisms, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon reunited for a series of tribute concerts.

Despite tragedy, arguments, controversy and drama, The Jacksons have returned once again as vibrant, consummate live performers. Combining their infectious, funky hits with a mixture of Motown classics and Michael Jackson favourites, the four brothers remind audiences why they were briefly the biggest group in the world.

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