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Tape Face (formerly The Boy with Tape on His Face) uses props, sound effects and some audience members - but whatever else happens, he does not speak. The Guardian consider him ‘the last word in silent comedy.’ The hilarious New Zealander has won a Fosters Award at Edinburgh and starred in his own show on BBC3: The TapeFace Tapes, not to mention storming to the final of America’s Got Talent.


Tape Face (formerly The Boy with Tape on His Face) is one of the most entertaining, original and popular new acts around. His mix of old-fashioned silent comedy with modern stand-up targets has made him a hit around the world, not least in the US where he reached the final of America’s Got Talent.

Knowing that mime is seen as ‘passé’ or self-indulgent, Tape Face ditches the old clichés - using props, music, sound effects and audience members to create something entirely original. From acting out jokes to constructing visual punchlines out of everyday items in his bag, his shows are always truly inventive.

At times Tape Face seems desperate to speak just so he can explain things, especially to audience volunteers who hesitate when given mute instructions on how to hold a microphone stand or dance to Blame It On The Boogie.

The Guardian have described Tape Face (aka New Zealander Sam Wills) as ‘the last word in silent comedy.’ He has scooped a Fosters Award at Edinburgh, starred in ITV’s Comedy Rocks and in his own show on BBC3 - The TapeFace Tapes. In the States his success on America’s Got Talent saw him take on a Las Vegas residency and Forbes magazine said ‘his simplicity creates a complexity which results in a lot of laughter.’

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