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The Sunday Times describe Ross as a ‘free-form jazz maestro of comedy.’ He can weave a show from the barest details of his audience’s lives. With a fan base stretching to Australia, the Just A Minute favourite recorded the first Twitter-powered travelogue; his followers decided every step of the journey.


Ross Noble is one of the UK’s most popular live comedians who has gone from being a word-of-mouth cult hit to international fame.

Performing his first gig at just 15 years of age, Ross quickly gained a reputation for unique, surreal, ad libbed performances. His Perrier-nominated show Laser Boy toured the world and was the first in a succession of annual touring shows.

Ross is first and foremost a live performer; it’s the perfect environment for his brand of improvised routine which often take incredible flights-of-fancy based on contributions from the audience or whatever comes to mind at the time. Taking tangents that often make him forget the original story, his performances are as imaginative as they are unexpected.

Although often shunning TV in favour of the freedom of live performance, Ross has frequently been a guest on QI and Have I Got News For You. On radio, he is a regular on Radio 4 institutions Just A Minute and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and also hosted his own shows Ross Noble On... and Ross Noble Goes Global, in which his worldwide travels as a stand-up were documented. The travel theme continued in the TV series Ross Noble: Freewheeling which sees him take to his motorbike and be guided by tweets to his next destination.

‘Ross Noble is a free-form Jazz Maestro of Comedy.’ The Sunday Times

‘The most engaging British stand-up to have emerged since Eddie Izzard’ - The Daily Telegraph

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