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Comedy Flamenco

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Assuming the mask of Mediterranean musicians, Olé begins with a bizarre game of ping pong with flamenco accompaniment - and culminates in a surreal love story involving citrus fruits, fire and members of the audience.


Legend has it that Paul Morocco walked out of the family home with nothing but a bag of fruit, a Spanish guitar, a smile on his face and a promise to avoid clichés forever. He’s never looked back.

Travelling the world, he has mastered the unpredictability of street audiences and the flamboyance of cabaret; he captured the romance of circus and the subtlety of theatre to produce a performance style of his very own. Then, with Marcial Fernandez and Guilermo de Endaya, he created Olé.

The trio of itinerant musicians amaze and amuse with flailing guitars, incredible musicianship, comic incompetence, flying hats, a stream of ping-pong balls, fire, occasional cross-dressing and a surreal love story whilst juggling five (or even seven) assorted fruits and eggs. Olé’s performances are nothing short of incredible whilst also being farcical.

Paul and Olé have appeared live and on television all over the world, from the Royal Variety Performance in the UK to Holland’s Going Bananas, Italy’s MTV Live to Japan’s Orando Mura, and America’s NBC Overnight.

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