Men in Coats

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Visual Comedy

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Two anoraked men combine playful slapstick and eye-popping tomfoolery with a deliciously corny soundtrack. They have generated over 20 million hits on YouTube. Gasp with joy as they transform themselves into an aeroplane, with nothing more than a hand held fan.


Men in Coats are an explosive (and frankly absurd) double act. Mixing slapstick with wonderfully inventive visual comedy, they are a bizarre cross between Charlie Chaplin and Salvadore Dali. The Men once entered YouTube’s Top 100, with over 17.5 million hits.

They create a cartoon world where their arms stretch the length of a London bus and where a man can shrink to the size of a small dog. With stunts that would make Bugs Bunny jealous, the Men have worn their coats all over Europe, Japan and Singapore with their act that crosses all age and language barriers.

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Men in Coats in Performance