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Shadow Silhouette Dance

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Originally developed for corporate audiences as a means of driving home company messages and a vehicle for product launches, Le OmbreĢ now have a resident show in Atlantic City. It features dance, acrobatics, storytelling, shadows, live vocals and a whole lot of theatrics.


A unique and unusual performance, Le Ombre are the leading exponents of silhouette dance and shadow performance. The group combine lighting, special effects and video projection with dance and acrobatics to create something spectacular.

In just a few years Le Ombre have become a live phenomenon with performances around the world in the US, Europe and Middle East, including a casino residency in America.

Taking in stories, images and styles from all over the world, Le Ombre use contemporary dance, breathtaking acrobatics, perfectly timed comic theatre, props and vocals both in shadow projected on a screen and in full view to create a show that appeals and enchants all audiences. They create words, pictures, scenes, and stories unlike anything seen on stage before.

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