Sundeep Waslekar (India)

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Strategic Foresight Group

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A former Fellow of the World Economic Forum, Waslekar has advised the Indian Government, and facilitated dialogue between Western and Islamic leaders. He is one of the few strategists considered to understand both the opportunities and risks of globalisation. Will India introduce internal market reforms? Is a second Arab Renaissance imminent?


Based in Mumbai, Sundeep Waslekar understands both the opportunities and risks of globalisation. As President of the Strategic Foresight Group, he is emerging as one of the world's leading thinkers in geopolitical futures.

While at the Centre for Policy Research, Sundeep earned a reputation for introducing fresh thinking on trade, peace and governance in South Asia. He is highly respected for his multi-disciplinary 5-15 year perspectives on the future of the region.

Sundeep has served as a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, addressing annual meetings at Davos and regional summits in Asia. His most recent efforts are to bring Western and Islamic leaders together to find common ground in times of crisis.

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