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The Fastest Blind Man on Earth

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Known as ‘the fastest blind man on earth’, Steve holds the blind land and water speed records. He’s captained England’s blind football team, played for the England blind cricket team, and held the 100m sprint record. He shows how to turn adversity into challenge, and obstacles into opportunity.


Steve Cunningham is an athlete with a difference. When he went blind at the age of twelve, a promising sports career seemed to be over before it had begun; but he used the disability as his inspiration, and has since reached a level of excellence he might never otherwise have attained.

Acknowledged as the fastest blind person on Earth, he holds the land speed and waterborne records. A founding member and former captain of England’s blind football team, he led the team to the World Cup, was part of the England blind cricket team, and has held the world record for the 100 metre sprint. Not only that, Steve is the first sightless person to pilot a plane around the UK. Aside from his sporting achievements, Steve gained a business degree and enjoyed a successful career in banking before dedicating himself to pushing boundaries and inspiring others.

With humour and honesty, Steve’s strength of character and bravery in transforming adversity into challenge and obstacles into opportunity leaves a lasting and powerful impression on audiences. In his entertaining and engaging presentations, he points out that ability, circumstances and environment are rarely the real obstacles; attitude is.

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