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Steve published the world’s first comic book about pensions. A highly respected industry specialist, he’s also a hilarious, deadpan speaker. He pours scorn on some of the ludicrous and often arbitrary rules that affect us all – but he can’t help bemoaning the fact that he has devoted his life to the subject.


Steve Bee is a prominent pensions strategist. Aside from his role as CEO of jargonfree, part of a leading IFA advisory and consultancy service, he contributes columns and cartoons to a number of industry publications.

Steve is well known for his campaign to simplify the jargon that surrounds the world of pensions and benefits. In the same entertaining, down-to-earth way, his presentations tackle head-on what many seem to be ignoring.

Half the workforce has no occupational pension. Even if we do make provision, there’s no guarantee that it's safe. What of the employers that have changed their payouts from final salary to defined contributions? What of the 300,000 stakeholder pension schemes, which hardly anyone has joined? The current pension reforms have been described as the biggest change to the pension system in over a century and a huge challenge to employers of all sizes. Over a million new company pension schemes will be put in place by law by 2018. Can that be done without every employer and employee in the land becoming a pension expert?

Named in Money Marketing’s list of the most influential names in UK financial service, Steve tells audiences how it is, and how he sees the future. With wit and insight he hacks through the jungle of impenetrable terms and acronyms to reveal the facts everyone needs to know.

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