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YO! Entrepreneur

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Having started with restaurants, Simon is launching his capsule YOTELs in airports across the UK and worldwide. He talks about brand building, using innovation to win new markets and tapping into the ‘spiritual revolution’. Presentations end with “How I got my YO!”, recorded with The Blockheads.


Simon Woodroffe is the founder of YO! Sushi - the lifestyle brand that has grown out of his original restaurant concept. Since appearing as an investor on Dragons' Den, he has popped up everywhere from Question Time to ITV’s Millionaire’s Club.

Having sold the sushi business Simon’s projects now include YOTEL!, described as a cross between a Japanese capsule hotel and a first class air cabin. Then there is a spa concept with bar, café and nightclub, and a Japanese-influenced clothing range sold throughout the world.

Simon talks about brand building, enthusing the work force and using innovation to win new markets and tap into business revolutions. His presentations often end with a rendition of How I Got My YO!, with Simon singing live to a track recorded just for him by The Blockheads.

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