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Environmental Activist

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A member of the Kennedy dynasty, RFK Jr has become an influential politician and activist in his own right. As President of America’s Waterkeeper Alliance and chief prosecuting attorney for Hudson Riverkeepers, he takes an aggressive approach to green business. In presentations he highlights the advantages of a green economy, and shows how sustainable business and energy independence (from renewable sources) can be the key to US economic revitalisation.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a broadcaster, author, campaigner and lawyer focusing on the environment and environmental law. An acclaimed activist, Robert has fought and advised cases around the world aim at protecting everything from indigenous peoples to water supplies to areas of significant scientific and natural importance.

In his capacity as a an attorney he has held key legal roles for organisations including the Hudson Riverkeepers, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Waterkeeper Alliance. More broadly he is at the vanguard of combining campaigning, legislation, and investment in an attempt to preserve the environment and fight climate change, working with lawmakers, lobby groups and cutting edge cleantech and renewable energy start-ups.

As an author, Robert has written articles covering science, politics and fiction for publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone magazine, and the Washington Post. He has also written two books on the environment and environmental issues, Crimes Against Nature, in which he severely questions US environmental policy, and The Riverkeepers, and also two biographies St. Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy and Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A Biography.

Robert outlines the vital importance of the environment and how its protection is key to the protection of health, resources and life as we know for generations to come. He makes a passionate argument for taking the fight to those that maintain policies and practices that harm the environment or seek to deny the damage being done. He also implores everyone, individuals and groups, to do what they can to change things.

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