Ralph Krueger

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Swiss Hockey Coach

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After playing in the German ice hockey squad, Ralph took over as coach of the Swiss national team and turned a lacklustre outfit into serious competitors known for aggressive counter-attacks. In presentations as in his book TeamLife, Ralph explores the elements necessary for high performance and demonstrates why team spirit always rates above individual achievement.


After a successful playing career in Germany’s national ice hockey team, Ralph took over as coach of Switzerland and turned a previously lacklustre team into world champions. He has maintained a career in the sport, coaching in Canada and the US. He has recently switched sports to become chairman of Premier League team Southampton FC.

In his presentations Ralph explores the elements necessary to build a high performance team. He places team spirit above individual success, a philosophy he also explores in his book Teamlife: from failure to success. He also discusses how he has turned around struggling teams and how he built a culture of belief and shared goals.

Ralph poses questions applicable to any organisation in sport, life or business: why does everyone crave success? What does it takes to remain successful? What makes a good team, at work or at play? Using his wide experience in one of the fastest, most brutally unforgiving sports he looks at the surprisingly simple answers and explains how organisations can but them at the heart of what they do.

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