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Kalahari Bushcraft Specialist

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A leading bushcraft specialist, Quinton has managed major zoological projects to protect and to breed endangered species. He believes that business is no different to the Kalahari: unless the tribe pulls together, their strength and survival is not ensured.


Quinton was born in the Namib Desert and spent most of his young life in the bush, originally as a hunter. He is now considered one of the leading bushcraft specialists in southern Africa.

Quinton has a passion for exploring. As well as living amongst some of Africa’s vanishing tribes, he has visited remote communities in the sub-Antarctic, the Amazon jungle and the sweltering deserts of the Middle East.

As a conservationist he has managed the animal collection for one of the largest zoological gardens in Africa, committed to breeding endangered species. Likewise, Quinton believes that every person is endowed with a deep-seated instinct to survive, at all costs and against all odds.

His corporate presentation offers a remarkable insight into a tribe of San bushman (the company), their bush environment (the marketplace), the wildlife on which they thrive (clients) and the predators with which they compete. His messages have universal appeal, helping audiences tap into their natural potential, gain a better understanding of themselves and others, and improve their business skills.

With spectacular images, Quinton demonstrates that everyone has under-utilised skills, which need only to be set free.

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