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Columnist and Commentator, The Economist

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Since revealing the illusions behind the crash and its ramifications in Paper Promises, Philip has published a new edition of Money Machine – with an overview of the London markets. At The Economist he examines the trends and mysteries of the modern office and management, from new ideas of leadership to the latest business buzzwords. He also considers the outlook for business by examining the policies, markets, culture and innovations that impact all sectors.


Philip Coggan writes on management and work for The Economist, penning the Bartleby column and looking at everything from leadership to the latest business buzzwords. Before that he was the Capital Markets Editor and author of the Buttonwood column, which analysed the latest financial markets news. He was awarded the title of Senior Financial Journalist in the Harold Wincott awards, and won the category for best personal finance story at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards.

Prior to joining The Economist Philip was Investment Editor of the Financial Times. He was at the FT for 20 years and also wrote the Long View and the Last Word columns. In other positions at the FT he was market editor, economics correspondent, personal finance editor and the Lex columnist.

Philip is the author of The Money Machine: How the City Works, a revealing look behind the hype and headlines at how the financial system really operates from crashes to currency rates. His book More - The 10,000-Year Rise of the World Economy tracks the history of markets, finance and economics and reflects on how things have changed, and how they haven't, and why despite all the changes it's been human connections that have remained the most important element. In Paper Promises he produced an accessible guide to debt, money and the financial crisis, whilst in The Last Vote he moved toward the political with an analysis of post-crisis democracy. He has also written Easy Money, The Economist Guide to Hedge Funds, and The Economist Game Query, a light-hearted ‘non-trivial trivia quiz that asks how well you really know your world.’

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