Nenad Pacek (Austria)

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President, Global Success Advisors

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The former Economist Intelligence Unit Director is one of the world’s authorities on emerging markets. In his book The Future Of Business, he considers how resources can best be directed in the search for short and long-term returns. Nenad sets out to conference audiences how East Asia, Eastern Europe and Turkey offer significant rewards - but also serious dangers if you get it wrong. He has country-by-country insight into trends, business strategies and best practice.


Nenad Pacek is one of the world’s leading authorities on emerging markets, advising business leaders on key opportunities and challenges and helping them to craft successful growth strategies.

Founder and President of Global Success Advisors, Nenad has advised some of the largest corporations around the world. A former Vice President of The Economist Group (Economist Intelligence Unit) where he spent almost two decades advising global companies on on economic and business issues, Nenad also managed several business units in Europe, Middle East and Africa and globally.

Nenad is the author of Emerging Markets: Lessons for Business Success and Outlook for Different Markets and The Future of Business in Emerging Markets: Growth Strategies for Growth Markets. He looks at how business opportunities in China, Russia, Africa, East Asia and Eastern Europe and Turkey can offer increasing rewards if you get it right (but can be dangerous if you get them wrong). He uses real experiences of companies to illustrate his points to open the eyes of those entering or expanding their emerging markets presence and looks at both the economic, political and social climates that affect potential success.

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