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New Zealand Statesman, Former DG, WTO

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Starting as a construction worker, Mike Moore rose to become New Zealand Prime Minister and Director General of the World Trade Organisation. He played a major role in progress towards trade liberalisation, as the driving force behind the negotiations in Doha which brought China (and therefore the majority of the world’s population), within the rules-based WTO framework. Author of A Brief History of the Future, Mike examines the shape of globalisation.


Mike Moore is a former Director General of the World Trade Organisation and Prime Minister of New Zealand, and a leading voice on globalisation. An active participant in discussions on trade liberalisation, he helped launch the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations. He is now the New Zealand Ambassador to the US.

After early experience as a printer, construction worker and social worker, Moore became Wellington’s youngest ever MP. In a distinguished political career he went on to hold several trade-related portfolios, leading missions to China, South East Asia, the Middle East, Central Europe, Russia, South America, India and Pakistan.

Moore’s term at the helm of the WTO coincided with momentous changes in the global economy. He was the driving force behind negotiations in Doha which brought China, and therefore the majority of the world’s population within the rules-based framework. While maintaining the focus on liberalisation, his aim was also to help poorer countries participate effectively in the trading system.

Moore is the author of numerous publications, including The Added Value Economy and A Brief History of the Future. He has received many awards including the highest honour, the Order of New Zealand.

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