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Former German Foreign Secretary

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Fischer moved the Green Party to the centre ground of German politics, building a coalition government with Chancellor Schroeder’s Social Democrats. As Europe deals with political, social and economic uncertainties, the former vice chancellor looks at the challenges and opportunities facing European business leaders and the prospects for transatlantic relations.


Joschka Fischer was both German Foreign Secretary and Vice Chancellor until 2005. Having moved the Green Party to the political centre, he formed a coalition with Gerhard Schroeder’s Social Democrats.

According to opinion polls, Fischer was the most popular politician in Germany for the duration of the government, even topping opinion polls among supporters of other parties.

Fischer’s rise was far from conventional. He left school at 16 and took on unskilled jobs whilst attending university as a ‘guest student’. There he became involved with the militant group Revolutionary Fight, but very soon renounced violence and joined the newly founded Green Party. He was elected to the Bundestag a few years later, and appointed provincial Environment Minister in Hessen.

One of Germany’s longest serving Foreign Ministers, Fischer looks at the challenges and opportunities facing Europe. Able to deliver presentations in several languages, he explores the EU’s impact on transatlantic relations, business and social issues.

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